Caviar Biotec, utilising globally patented technology, bring to market pure Sturgeon Caviar Oil Pearls and pure Caviar Protein health supplements.

Designed specifically to deliver access to the world most luxurious ingredient source, Caviar Biotec enjoys global patent protection (61 countries) for the unique extraction process from the roe and roe sack of Sturgeon fish. Handled with great care throughout the recovery and refining process in state of the art food grade facilities.

Presented as perfect caviar pearls (100mg/300mg) this unique health supplement naturally bridges the benefits of both marine and plant oils.

A fresh oil from a great quality raw material gives us a well refined, low oxidation state pure Caviar oil with very exciting and unique n-3/n-6/n-9 levels.

Through our gentle low temperature, without the use of solvents, extraction process will also offer a pure caviar protein supplement containing 80% protein and 20 amino acids including all 9 essential to the human diet.

  • Designed specifically to deliver access to the world’s most luxurious ingredient source.
  • The definitive luxury source of n-3/n-6/n-9
  • Excellent balance of n-3:n-6 (1:1)
  • Due to controlled aqua-farming, Sturgeon fish do not suffer from any heavy metal, PCB, or micro plastic contamination prevalent in other marine fish.
  • Available worldwide in softgel encapsulation (100mg/300mg), presented in perfect caviar pearls.
  • Pure and wholly derived from the original source material, it is not blended or fractionated and is a 100% natural oil (excellent peroxide and anisidine status).

Unique luxury health supplements made from pure sturgeon caviar oil