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Pure Caviar Oil

The world first and only truly luxurious fish oil health supplement, containing exclusive novel peptides the have significance to gastrointestinal inflammation 

Caviar Biotec presents Pure Caviar Oil.  Produced alongside the main caviar production and using our globally patented extraction process, this unique oil contains brand new bioactives that were previously undiscovered.


World Exclusive, Pure Caviar Oil.

This unique oil is created from bi products of the main caviar production process.

It is an unctuous oil that is crisp and fresh, with a smooth buttery taste.

Unlike all other fish oils, there is no fishiness to Pure Caviar Oil, just a rich smooth flavour as you would expect from caviar itself. It is a unique patented oil, rich in Oleic and Linoleic Acid, and all three key fatty acids, ALA, EPA and DHA. 


Recent Mass Spectrometry analysis has also provided further understanding of unique bioactives that are a;ready bound into Pure Caviar Oil that have major true human health benefits. All farmed Sturgeon today are reared in closed aquaculture and therefore Pure Caviar Oil does not have any high levels of heavy metals or micro-plastics as found in the vast majority of marine fish oils.