Pure Caviar Oil

A unique biologic containing novel ancient peptides bound in lipophilic form, providing increased bioavailability and significant anti inflammatory signaling pathways


Pure Caviar Oil is sustainably derived from traditional caviar production processes.

Bland in flavour without fishiness, Pure Caviar Oil has a smooth flavour as you would expect from caviar itself, rich in Oleic and Linoleic Acid, and all three key fatty acids, ALA, EPA and DHA. 


Recent (2019) mass spectrometry carried out at St Andrews University on behalf of Caviar Biotec provided deep understanding of the unique bioactives that are contained within Pure Caviar Oil that have major significance to human health and disease pathways. 


All farmed Sturgeon are reared in closed aquaculture systems away from as open water environment. All products produced by Caviar Biotec are naturally free of high heavy metal traces or micro-plastics, that are normally found in the vast majority of marine fish oils. 

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