Dating pre the Devonian period, the Acipenser species is estimated to be  250 - 400 million years old, during which time it has remained genetically unchanged. Classified as a ‘living fossil’ the Acipenser contains unique novel peptides that are not found in modern teleost fish. 

Over-fishing and smuggling relating to the traditional caviar industry as well as issues with pollution in the Caspian Sea has caused a considerable reduction in the wild sturgeon population.  As such, in January 1998, the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) supported an international embargo on wild caviar export. All caviar sold to the consumer now comes from aquaculture facilities all over the world.

Caviar Biotec only works with CITES certified farms, ensuring the health and wellbeing of this famous fish. Every sturgeon has been farmed in a well-kept, clean and loving environment, and Caviar Biotec ensures that there is no wastage. The sturgeon meat is smoked and sold within the EU, the roe is harvested and sold to the culinary market and finally Caviar Biotec further extends the usage of each and every fish by utilising the roe-sack which has traditionally been discarded in an innovative and exciting way.


In a controlled environment, sturgeon have benefited from water that contains no contamination from pcbs or heavy metals and also excludes any issues with micro plastics. At a time when focus has never been greater on the state of the oceans and their toxicity, we believe that the sturgeon species is in the best possible position to thrive. 


Our Pure Caviar Oil and Caviar Protein Extracts are derived from the unobtainable roe and undeveloped immature roe remaining within the roe sack as well as the roe sack (placenta) post roe extraction for caviar production. The resulting end products are therefore derived from sustainable, farmed sturgeon sources ensuring that our Pure Caviar Oil and Caviar Protein Extracts are 100% sustainable products.


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